The future is on the way,
The start of a new era in mining
The ANTMINER Z15 is a top - end device from the ANTMINER Z. Z15 line is three times more efficient than the previous BITMAIN ANTMINER model . BITMAIN Z15, reaching a hashrate of 420KSol/s, leaves competitors far behind.
A new level of Energy Efficiency,
Technology Leader
The ANTMINER Z15 is the most modern model in the ANTMINER Ya line. Its mind-blowing hashrate of 420KSol/s makes the BITMAIN engineering team the most advanced specialists in the mining industry.
Progress is moving forward,
Mining Transformation
Compared to the previous ANTMINER Z11, BITMAIN, thanks to the painstaking work of a team of engineers and technicians, raised the bar for miner performance three times. This is driving the industry led by BITMAIN forward.
Increased life cycle
Long-term investments will pay off many times
ANTMINER Z15 is an ideal tool for investing in cryptocurrency mining. Designed on the basis of the newest technologies in the industry, BITMAIN ANTMINER Z15 provides high profitability for several years of stable operation.